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Wyse Thin client link list

The last week at work has been crazy. A number of people out sick or on vacation. So I had to jump into our thin client management tool to reconfigure a number of remote units.

We had a number of D50d units that were not reporting back to wyse device manager. I knew that it was a DHCP option to give the thin client what the IP of the WDM. But I don’t know the number.

found it.

DHCP Options

161 – rapport ftp server

186 – rapport Web Server




Next up was finding an update firmware for our linux based thin clients. In our case D50D. Dell aquired wyse a long time ago, but they haven’t fully integrated wyse into their website. So to find the updated firmware you have to go to

If you need to create the ini files for the thin client configurations, check out the tools at but don’t use the wizard, make sure you uncheck that box.

I was trying to get the VNC server configured on the units so I could test them remotely. I found the reference guide for SUSE linux, you can find that at

The key paramaters are

VNCAuthTypes=string {none, vnc} Specifies whether to enable the Require the user to enter this password check box in the Remote Desktop Preferences (VNC) applet.

VNCPasswd=string {password must be base-64 encoded} If the VNC-Server Add-on is installed, the password to be entered for the remote VNC connection. If no VNCPasswd is specified, the default password is password. You can use any third party base-64 encoder/decoder.

VNCPrompt={yes, no} Yes/no option to enable a VNC shadowing prompt to a user (VNCPrompt set to yes means the user will always be prompted before shadowing starts and the user will then decline or accept VNC shadowing; VNCPrompt set to no means the user will not be able to decline or accept shadowing).

To create the base-64 password you can use the ini tool from